Hi, I'm Michael Siyanbola, I own Aouse21.com.ng and afritales.com.ng, I'm a blogger and a web designer.

About Author

You’re on this page because you click the picture below, when it popped up on one of my website.

If you need a website now or soon in the future, I will be glad to be of your service.

I can help you create and design any kind of website, eCormmerce website (online store), media, portfolio, educational or any other kind with necessary set up, from SEO set up to video guide on how to operate the website on smartphones and PC in case you don’t know how to. If you check Aouse21.com.ng you’ll see some banners floating on posts and pages (front page excluded), that’s google ads, anytime someone click on any of the adverts, I get payed and that’s how I make some money via blogging. If I create a website for you, I’ll also show you ways to earn via your website, if you are interested. The good thing about  all these is the price, my price is absolutely friendly.

#20,000 ($60) is the price for a .com website, due to what’s going on in the world right now I understand getting money might be a little bit difficult and that’s why I decided to take half payment from anyone who can’t afford everything at a go and when I’m done, I can take the balance.

If you need a website now or you want to ask more question, reach me via email, Whatsapp or call so we can talk extensively

My location:No. 13, Akingbile RCC, Moniya, Oyo state, Nigeria
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