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What do you have to say about people that called T-boss’s daughter, Ugly and Not special

Well social media is the easiest and the fastest way to share the world our thoughts, one post on Instagram can travelled the whole wide world in seconds, one crazy post on Twitter just need few retweets before it starts trending world wide. But i don’t know why some people don’t see this as a power to spread positivity.

The heavy hustle for clout these days is turning people into internet monsters, the only thing some people use their Twitter Finger to do is bully and say unfair words to people, especially people bigger than them, celebrities mostly.

Well unfortunately for T-boss, she’s under attack on the social media again, this time, it’s not her BB Naija past
boomeranging, not relationship saga but something more closer to her; her six months old daughter.

Firstly, how on Earth will you take a look at someone’s little child and call him or her ‘Not special’. And how will you take a look at this little angel and say she’s ugly, is that eyes even working.

People do crazy thing go get attention, but that kind of comment is really out of bounds. The advice I’ll like to give is read your post twice before sending. It happens to me too, especially on WhatsApp, would have typed my thoughts on my status, then I’ll check again. If I find it okay for me and the people on my list, I’ll send it, if I don’t, I’ll cancel.

No one is perfect but I think we should be more mindful of what we put out there, it matters a lot, to us and people around us.

What the video of T-boss, in tears as she blast does calling her child not special HERE.

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