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Is Tiwa Savage Even That Beautiful Without Makeup?

Everyone knows how crafty make up artists are these days, I know you would have come across some ‘before and after make up’ pictures, sometimes on your time line, or let me guess, you’ve once, or more, been that picture. That tramedous face transformation is nothing but art, I respect that. But when the artist is turning what should enhance your beauty into a disguse, then there’s a problem.

Honestly I’m glad that the make-up artists in Nigeria are now understanding more about foundations, and the type and colour of foundation that sooths our ladys skin. Like four or five years back, I would see atleast three to five girls walk by me everyday with yellow skin face and a very very black neck, but that’s changing now, you barely see that these days, I say that’s great progress. But the transforming make over I see these days is overwhelming, make up should enhance beauty, not to turn you into something else.

And if you still want to know if our darling Tiwa is beautiful without make up, I’ll say yes, she is. I’ve seen some of her pictures with light or no make up on social media, and I think she’s cute like that, but we all know makeovers makes her look more stunning, I mean everyone knows the natural beauty is not as sleeky as when enhanced with makeovers, and if a guy say ” You look better with no make up”, he’s telling dumb lie, he just want something from you.

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