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African Beauty: Fourteen shades of Hamamat Monita

Aside our divers culture, ethnics, colourful fashion. Stunning Beauty is another thing we can boast of in Africa.

Ghanaian model, Hamamat Monita is the African beauty we’re checking on today. The 2006 Miss Malaika queen and model of Africa Universe 2007 is no doubt an epitome of beauty.

Here are the the different shades of this amazing Queen.

Go blue

Lion heart
Nubian Queen
Flower girl
Sahara Warrior
Smile gurl
Caught in the wind
Good morning

Super Woman

She doesn’t care

Keep it Simple

On the low

Respect the crown

The mother of two is not just a model, she also owns a brand named after here Hamamat where she sells beauty products. Find her on social media and catch up with this beauty goddess, I’m sure you’ll like her page.

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