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Jennifer Lopez leads Versace’s spring 2020 campaign

Twenty years after Jennifer Lopez wore the iconic Versace jungle print dress to the 2000 Grammy Awards, the brand is putting her in front of this spring’s campaign.

Jlo at the 2000 Grammy Awards

The jungle print dress which literally is the reason Google created Google Image is almost seen as Jlo’s camo, obliviously because she made the print more popular and also, she’s always been arround to keep the print alive. On September 20, 2019, Versace brought Jlo to Milan to close the Versace fashion show in this same jungle print, and even after two decades, Jlo’s been playing important role in the existence of this lovely print.

Jlo in Milan, 2019

When Versace released the new campaign some days back and announced its new campaign is led by Jennifer Lopez, it’s not really a surprise as the duo has been in good relationship over there years, Versace affirms that in their Instagram post, as they call Jlo a long time friend.

The new ads is shot by photography duo Mert and Marcus Piggott, and they honestly did an amazing job.

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