Dior invited seven African women photographers to offer their views of the Cruise 2020 collection.

“When Dior contacted me, it was almost unbelievable, I had to read the email like ten times because I was like, is this for real?” One of the photographers, Sarah Waiswa share (in a YouTube video posted by Dior) how she reflected on the invitation. “So it took me a while, I was overwhelmed but I was also very humbled. When the conversation began I was like okay, this may be actually happening” the Kenyan photographers said.

A big global fashion brand like Dior wanting to work with anyone is nothing short of good news and yes, it’s happening . Dior took their 2020 cruise collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri to another level by inviting seven African women photographers to offer their vision of the Cruise.

According to a post on Dior official Facebook page, this artistc dialogue is to further perpetuate the power of the design, created in tribute to plurality of African culture, and discover the captivating beauty of their imaginary, in which they actually achieve after the success of the project.

These are the photographers Dior worked with to get this done: Sarah Waiswa Namsa Leuba, Jodi Beiber, Ruth Ginika Ossai, Hasnae El Ouarga, Fatima Mazmouz. Watch the videos from the project HERE, see the making yourself.

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