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I think creativity without a platform to showcase it is almost… meaningless, and that’s why we created this website to show you the cool stuffs we do at Aouse21. Aouse21 is a young fashion brand, based in Ibadan, Nigeria. We do unisex clothing production (Bespoke tailoring and ready to wear), fashion journalism and this is our official website.
With the aim to have our products where you can access them easily, we’ll be filling this site with every piece from our coming collections, and you won’t just be pleasing your eyes with those pictures, you’ll be able to buy any piece you love for yourself and your loved ones as there is our online shop on this website.

And as I’ve said earlier we don’t just produce, we do fashion journalism too, meaning we’ll be taking you on a smooth cruise through the fashion world, keeping you up to speed with fashion trends, from the stunning Aso-ebi in Nigeria, to the colourful Kente in Ghana and to all the mind blowing fashion statements made around the world at large.

We really have a lot in store for you, but you’ll never know if you don’t stay in touch, so I’ll want you to please follow us on all our social media platform @Aouse21 on Instagram, Twitter also on Facebook and don’t forget to bookmark this site and keep visiting, thank you.

Siyanbola Michael (founder).

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  1. Very nice site! Keep up the good work!

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